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Symptoms and treatment of impacted teeth

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Evan
Symptoms and treatment of impacted teethAn impacted tooth is a tooth that has been stuck under the gum or cannot break through the gum. The signs of this condition are swollen and red gums, bleeding gums, jaw swells, bad odor from the mouth, the taste of the mouth becomes unpleasant, difficulties when trying to open the mouth, the lymph nodes, especially those of the neck, swell, painful dry sockets, infection to the gums. They can bring up pain, tooth decay, and gum diseases. 
When the wisdom teeth push the second molar, they can destroy it, increasing the risk of infection. This pressure causes crowding of the teeth. It is damaging to other teeth. The wisdom teeth come up with a sac in the jawbone, filling a liquid that damages the jawbone. However, this condition can be corrected.


Surgical removal of the teeth which are impacted causing pain can be extracted. The surgery is recommended because some teeth can't grow correctly; if the baby teeth are not removed, the tooth remains in the gum to grow on behind or top of the baby teeth. Management of asymptomatic wisdom teeth if the impacted teeth don't cause symptoms is referred to as asymptomatic. However, removing the teeth can have a later impact in life.

Using antibiotics

Over-the-counter pain killers only relieve pain and for a shorter term. Warm salty water or mouthwashes may soothe the gums. Surgery can be done by using anesthesia that numbs the teeth or makes you lose consciousness. Tooth removal is where the incision is made in the gum line, where the bone which blocks access to the impacted teeth is removed, and the oral surgeon covers the wound in stitches.

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