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What Is a Dental Inlay?

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Evan
What Is a Dental Inlay?Trauma to a patients mouth is more common than most know. Our dentist strive to keep each patient's teeth healthy and beautiful. However, sometimes when dental trauma occurs, it requires our dentist to utilize a Dental Inlay.

An Inlay is simply a way to retore teeth that have had any trauma like being worn down, chipped, cracked or may have had cavities. By bonding the inlay to the damaged area of the tooth, the dentists are able to restore your tooth back to its full functionality. A patient will not know the difference between their regular teeth and the tooth with the inlay.

Types of Inlays

Inlays which are made from different types of materials such as platinum, silver, palladium, or gold help to resolve any trauma like we discussed above. Inlay material will be decided on what they patient would prefer as well as the best treatment options for the patient.

There are different types of inlays which are indirect, direct inlay or direct core build up. Each one of these different types has a different purpose for the treatment goals they are trying to achieve.

Indirect inlays will help to treat a more structural issue with the tooth such as strengthening a broken molar. It technically only helps to treat part of the tooth that has been damage and allows for the majority of the tooth structure to continue to function as it usually does. It is like a crutch for your tooth.

Direct core and direct inlay build-ups are for the more severe cases such as decayed teeth or completely damaged teeth that will not be able to function properly with just a traditional filling to help the structure of the tooth. The direct core helps to provide extremely stable and strong support to the tooth structure that will last for years. Whereas the direct inlay is basically a cap for your tooth and starts to function as your everyday tooth. This is the strongest treatment for any damaged teeth.

Candidates for Inlays

Any patient that has tooth trauma that allows for the tooth to be restored without having to be removed is a good candidate for an inlay. It inlays are not meant to be an implant but to help the current tooth structure that is there. If you are in need of a tooth restoration and want more information regarding inlays, please call us today.

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