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Damage Tobacco Can Do to Your Gums and Teeth

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Evan
Damage Tobacco Can Do to Your Gums and TeethMost people know that smoking tobacco poses a great risk to their overall health. However, a majority of them don't know that tobacco can also damage teeth and gums. There are several oral problems caused by smoking tobacco. These conditions can get severe and lead to tooth loss if not treated. Some of the oral conditions caused by smoking tobacco include gum diseases, teeth staining, and bad breath.

Gum Disease

Smoking is one of the leading causes of gum disease. Smoking tobacco produces bacterial plaque that triggers the development of gum disease. Tobacco interferes with the supply of oxygen to the gum tissues; hence, the disease. Once the gums are infected, they can't heal on their own due to a weakened immune system. Furthermore, research shows that smoking tobacco makes gum disease get worse at a fast rate. It can take only a few days for gum disease to advance to periodontitis in tobacco smokers. Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease that cannot be reversed. This will eventually lead to tooth loss.

Teeth Staining

Your teeth will also suffer damage due to smoking tobacco. This happens in the form of tooth staining. Tobacco stains your teeth because it contains tar and nicotine. These components can stain your teeth by turning them yellow within a short time. After years of smoking tobacco, your teeth could turn brown. This will affect your smile significantly.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is also another effect of smoking tobacco. This happens when bacteria accumulate in your mouth. The harmful bacteria will produce gasses with a bad odor. This will not only affect your confidence but also those around you. Therefore, you should avoid smoking at all costs. Apart from damaged oral health, you could also develop chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease. Visit our offices for more information on the effects of smoking tobacco.

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