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Dangers of Consistently Using Toothbrushes with Hard Bristles

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Evan
Dangers of Consistently Using Toothbrushes with Hard BristlesYou know that brushing your teeth twice a day is essential for removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth, keeping your breath fresh, and preventing cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. You probably also know to use toothpaste that contains fluoride, and to brush your teeth for two minutes each time. But did you know that the texture of your toothbrush's bristles is also an important factor to pay attention to? Even if you are doing everything else right when it comes to your oral hygiene routine, using a toothbrush with hard bristles can be detrimental to your dental health. Keep reading to learn more.

Gum Recession

Consistently brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush can irritate your gum tissue, eventually causing it to recede or pull away from your teeth. When gum recession occurs, a pocket is left behind where plaque and bacteria can build up. As a result, you will be more susceptible to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. In fact, receding gums are often a telltale sign of periodontal disease. Receding gums also expose more of your sensitive tooth roots, which can cause pain and discomfort while eating, drinking, and brushing. With advanced periodontitis, the gum tissue recedes so much that your teeth can loosen and fall out.

Damage to Tooth Enamel

Even if you brush with fluoride toothpaste that is designed to strengthen your enamel and prevent cavities, using a toothbrush with hard bristles can still damage your enamel. Enamel is your teeth's shiny, hard, protective outer layer, and when it is compromised, bacteria can enter your teeth and form cavities. Additionally, weakened enamel can contribute to heightened tooth sensitivity and make your teeth more vulnerable to stains, cracks, and chips.

Whether you recently started using a hard-bristled toothbrush or you have been purchasing this style of toothbrush for years, it is not too late to switch to a brush with soft bristles. A soft-bristled toothbrush not only cleans your teeth effectively, but it will not harm your enamel or gum tissue. Contact our office for recommendations.

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