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What Causes an Under Bite and How to Treat It?

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Evan
What Causes an Under Bite and How to Treat It?Straight teeth and an aligned jaw help to improve your appearance and confidence. An aligned jaw is not just for aesthetic purposes, but it also helps to improve your quality of life by reducing your risk of getting cavities or gum diseases. However, not everyone has straight teeth or a properly aligned jaw.

We can describe an underbite as a dental condition where the lower jaw extends outward compared to the upper jaw. While an overbite is where the upper jaw extends over the lower one. An underbite can affect your quality of life. This is because it may interfere with chewing and digestion.

Causes Of Under Bite

Underbites are not uncommon in both children and adults. There are several reasons why you may develop an underbite these include;


Genetics can determine the shape and size of teeth, along with the presence of an underbite. Therefore, if one member of your family has an underbite, then you may also get one.


Trauma or any kind of injury to the jaw may cause it to break. Even if you get treatment, it may not always heal right. This means that you may end up developing an underbite.


A tumor may cause the jaw to misalign. When you have a tumor in your jaw, it may cause it to protrude, this will cause an underbite.

Treatment Options

There are many benefits to correcting an underbite. For example, your teeth will become easier to clean, meaning that you will not be at risk of getting tooth infections and decay. Here are a few treatment options;


Braces are typically the most common solution for underbites. They can help to realign your jaw as well as straighten the teeth. Your dentist will diagnose your particular case and offer the best course of treatment. Additionally, you may have to wear a retainer after removing the braces.


Surgery is another form of treatment for underbites. Dentists usually perform surgery in severe cases. The surgery usually involves reshaping to either lengthen the lower jaw or shorten the lower jaw.

Most people think of underbites as cosmetic issues. While this may be true, underbites can also affect your quality of life. Severe cases of underbites may cause challenges when speaking, jaw pain, and even problems when chewing. Thus, it is important to consult with your dentist who can further diagnose your condition and offer the best course of treatment.

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