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What Are The Benefits Of Reconstructive Jaw Surgery

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
What Are The Benefits Of Reconstructive Jaw SurgeryThe most obvious benefit of reconstruction is regaining your facial aesthetics. A reconstructive jaw surgery corrects the irregularities in the jawbone realigning the teeth. This surgery also helps you regain normal functioning. In case you are considering whether to undergo surgery, let us help you in the decision-making process by looking into more benefits.

Restoring Functionality and Improving Oral Health

As we might have mentioned at the beginning of this blog, reconstructive jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery gives you back the ability to regain your jaw functionality. It does not matter whether the defects were caused by congenital defects or trauma. Jaw irregularities bring about difficulties in chewing, speaking, and swallowing. Orthognathic surgery helps in fixing these issues enabling you to enjoy eating your favorite meals.

Enhancing Facial Aesthetics and Boosting Self-Confidence

Who would not want to have the most symmetrical face? Beautiful facial aesthetics means a beautiful look and heightened confidence levels. If your face has any misalignments or an imbalance in the jawline, this surgery can bring you peace. Its transformative effects can significantly improve the confidence in an individual helping them to embrace their natural beauty.

Improving Breathing and Sleep Quality

A peaceful night's sleep is essential. Jaw abnormalities might lead to blockage of the airways, causing difficulties in breathing. Reconstructive jaw surgery can be done to reposition the jaws and open up the airways. This will improve your quality of sleep and curb any sleep-related disorders. This and more benefits are associated with reconstructive surgery. This surgery is done by trained personnel who have the necessary skills in ensuring the success of the operation. Talk to our orthodontists today to get yourself this and more procedures that may help in enhancing your oral aesthetics.

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