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Top Reasons to Floss Your Teeth

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Image of a woman smiling, while flossing. When discussing oral hygiene, most people only think about brushing their teeth. They forget about flossing. While brushing is the foundation of good oral health, flossing is equally important. It involves using a string to remove food particles from hard-to-reach areas that a regular toothbrush cannot access. As such, failure to floss can lead to dental issues. Here are the top reasons to floss your teeth regularly.

Removes Plaque and Food Debris

Food particles may find their way between your teeth and gums, making brushing with a regular toothbrush problematic. Without flossing, plaque will gradually build up and turn into tartar. Tartar deposits in your mouth increase the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease. Proper flossing is the only practical way to remove bacteria from the gaps between teeth and prevent cavities.

Prevents Gum Recession

Receding gums are among the first signs of gum disease. This condition occurs because of poor oral hygiene. If you leave bacteria to thrive underneath the gums, they will recede gradually. Gum recession is an irreversible condition. The only viable way to prevent receding gums is through flossing.

Ensures Fresh Breath

Maintaining fresh breath requires high oral hygiene standards. It entails getting rid of bacteria in your entire mouth. While brushing cleans the teeth surfaces, flossing cleans the spaces between your teeth, ensuring fresh breath.

Maintains a Radiant Smile

Your smile is among the first aspects people see. You can maintain your dazzling smile by flossing daily. Flossing will remove stuck particles and plaque buildup between your teeth, ensuring your teeth remain clean and radiant.

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Many people fail to floss their teeth for various reasons. It could be that they do not know how to floss. Perhaps they usually experience slight discomfort when flossing. Whatever the case, our dental hygienist can help you establish a new flossing routine for optimal oral health. Visit us for tips on proper flossing techniques.

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