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What Is Sjogrens Syndrome and How Does It Affect My Teeth?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Sjogrens Syndrome affects as many as four million Americans each year. Because it is an autoimmune disorder, the illness can affect many systems throughout your body. One of those body systems that Sjogrens Syndrome affects is your teeth and gums. Here is an explanation of what the disorder is and how it can affect your teeth and gums.

About Sjogrens Syndrome

Doctors are not sure what causes the disorder, but what is known is that nearly all of the people who have it are women over 40. Many researchers think there is not just one factor that causes the disorder but several, such as genetics, environment, and hormones. If you have Sjogrens Syndrome, your immune system sees your salivary glands and tear ducts as a disease and attacks them. This means that you have extremely dry eyes, a dry mouth, and difficulty swallowing.

How Does Sjogrens Affect My Teeth

People with Sjogrens Syndrome have a lot of issues with their teeth and gums. Since Sjogrens Syndrome affects your salivary glands, you do not produce nearly enough saliva. Your saliva helps you digest your food and also washes away bad bacteria from your mouth. When you do not produce much saliva, it allows the bacteria in your mouth to multiply. While some mouth bacteria are helpful for food digestion, there are also bad bacteria that are responsible for gum disease and cavities. People with Sjogrens have a high risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay.

How Can I Help My Teeth and Gums?

Your mouth can be as healthy as possible even if you have Sjogrens Syndrome. Be sure you are drinking a lot of fluid, such as water, to help keep your mouth moist and flush bad bacteria from your mouth. Also, be sure to brush your teeth each time you consume food. You need to visit our dentist at least twice a year so that they can check on your teeth and gums. If you are not sure how long it has been since you visited our dentist, you can call us today to make an appointment.

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