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Clear Aligners
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For those patients who were not able to get orthodontics while growing up, there is a solution now. Some people may have been in families which could not afford braces or maybe the idea of wearing a mouthful of metal was off-putting to the point they decided not to go through with it. The stigma associated with wearing braces has diminished over time however it still remains. People stare and point and some even make comments. Food gets stuck in braces easily too.

Thankfully, there is an option to those worries and answers to those concerns. Patients no longer have to worry about getting food caught in their braces and do not have to worry about being in pain after every single appointment when the treatment wires are tightened. No, they do not have to deal with any of that. They can opt for the new way of adjusting teeth: clear aligners. Their treatment trays can provide a great smile when the treatment is completed just like traditional braces can but instead of wires and brackets, there are only clear plastic trays. Removable, they allow for greater ability to brush and flossing and do not have to be worn while eating. Please contact us today to find out more. Our office is located at Excel Dental. We are waiting to get started with your treatment.

Woman holding clear aligner in front of mouth at Excel Dental in Battleground, WA

The Clear Aligner Concept

Everyone knows the horror stories of wearing traditional braces. The brackets and the wires and all of that metal wearing against the inside of the cheek and grinding against the soft gum tissue. All of that pain and discomfort are gone with clear aligner treatment trays. Instead of tightening wires and adjusting brackets, the steady pressure is maintained by changing out alignment trays as the teeth slowly progress to their new designated positions. They can be removed at any time since they are not attached to the teeth. This helps with proper oral care and with eating. There are no embarrassing moments of having food caught on the metalwork of the braces.

Why Clear Aligner?

There is nothing sharp or damaging about clear aligner trays. They are flexible plastic trays that will not rub against the inside of the cheek or against the soft gums. Manufacture to the exact measurements of the patient’s mouth, they will provide an exact fit. Most patients have to wear them for at least twenty-hours a day to be successful within the treatment timeline.

Unlike braces which provide constant pressure, even on those teeth in no need of adjustment, clear aligners can actually focus on moving just a single tooth if need be. Depending on the needs of the patient, treatment time while wearing clear aligners can be just a few months or to between twelve and eighteen months.

Clear Choice

First impressions are made with a smile. You can fix yours by coming in during your exam or cleaning to find out the other benefits of clear aligners. Our office is located in Battleground, come in to find out more. You can reach us by phone too at (360) 369-3930. We can either provide a consultation over the phone or schedule an appointment when you call.

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Removable clear aligners allow for greater ability to brush and flossing and do not have to be worn while eating. Call Excel Dental now for a consultation!
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