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Dental Bonding
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Dentist working with dental polymerization lamp in oral cavityAlthough many people might not be able to describe what dental bonding is, this minimally invasive restorative solution has been around for decades. It is used to treat dozens of conditions in the oral cavity. For those patients with misaligned teeth or even a single crooked tooth could be solved by a dental bonding procedure. It is simple and easy and far less expensive than other more invasive options.

It is considered a common component in the restorative dentistry realm. In a single appointment, patients could have their misaligned teeth corrected and straightened by using dental bonding. For those who have been looking for a cost-effective restorative procedure to fix their crooked teeth, dental bonding could be it. If you are considering a bonding, come into our offices for the details, we have appointments available now at Excel Dental.

What is Dental Bonding?

A lot of patients experience anxiety when coming in to see the dentist. They may envision pain associated with all dental procedures and while there may be discomfort with some, by using today’s sedation dentistry techniques that discomfort can be minimized if not eliminated entirely.

Patients should know that with dental bonding, there is no sedation required. It is a noninvasive procedure which causes no pain whatsoever and no discomfort. Dental bonding consists of using a flexible resin during the application. This resin can be tinted to match the other teeth in the patient’s mouth, so it blends in and does not appear so obvious. It can be shaped and sized as well to make sure it fits appropriately.

Dental Bonding Benefits

The benefits to dental bonding include filling a cavity that is too big for a traditional filling to successfully treat. Once the cavity site is completely devoid of any decay or infection, the bonding resin is applied to the area and pressed into place. Once it remains in place for just a few minutes, it will harden and remain a permanent part of the tooth. It will immediately restore the tooth’s appearance and functionality. Dental bonding has been used to also close gaps between teeth as well which minimizes the space for bacteria to grow and food particles collect.

Pros and Cons of Dental Bonding

As with anything there are always good things and bad things to consider when choosing a treatment. One of the big benefits is the cost of the bonding process. It is very affordable, one of the least expensive procedures. It is also a quick process, taking less than one hour at a single office visit. Noninvasive and entirely pain free, this procedure offers long lasting results that are very affordable and impressive. As for the drawbacks to the procedure, patients should be made aware that the resin can be easily stained because it is a more porous material than natural tooth enamel. Also, patients need to be aware of the food they are eating because the resin can crack and chip. Patients need to also avoid chewing on their fingernails or nibbling on pen caps and pencils as this too can cause the resin to chip.

Our office at Excel Dental is always available to answer questions. Call our number at (360) 369-3930 to come in to discuss dental bonding today.

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For patients with misaligned teeth or even a single crooked tooth could be solved by a dental bonding procedure. Call our experts at Excel Dental today to schedule an appointment!
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