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Dental Bridge
Battleground, WA

Dental bridge being placed in diagram of lower teethDental bridges can be used to replace a single tooth or a series of teeth. Most of the time, they are manufactured from porcelain because it gives them the natural appearance of real teeth that so many other dental appliances do not. Bridges can be secured to the remaining teeth on either side of the space vacated by a recently lost or extracted tooth. Bridges can be either removable or permanently secured. The removable ones allow the patient to more thoroughly clean them. It also allows for easier flossing and brushing. It can prove invaluable for patients to brush the empty space to help continue to stimulate blood flow to the area.

Patients looking for a solution to their missing teeth may know what a bridge is but not all the variations are available. For those looking for more information, we are available at Excel Dental. We are more than willing to answer all questions and to recommend an appropriate bridge to treat your symptoms.

Various Types of Bridges

There are typically considered several different types of bridges. Which one best meets your needs to be determined with an in-depth assessment performed during your initial exam at your evaluation.

The traditional bridge holds the artificial teeth in place with an abutment. This abutment is anchored into place on either side of the empty space to healthy teeth. This is the most frequently used dental bridge because of its simple design and low impact.

A cantilever bridge is the second type and although identical to the traditional bridge with one significant difference. Instead of requiring two teeth to anchor it in place, it requires just a single one. This is invaluable to those patients with limited healthy teeth.

While those bridges are sound options, the implant-supported bridge is considered by far the most stable of all of them. It uses dental implants secured to the bone rather than remaining teeth to secure the artificial tooth in place. For those patients choosing this method, it takes two separate office visits to complete.

Why Do Patients Need a Bridge?

The main reason to get a bridge is to fill the space where the missing teeth used to be. It is incredibly important to secure and preserve the space inside the oral cavity. It not only helps to provide support for sagging cheeks and lips but also ensures that the remaining teeth do not shift and try to take over the space. The other key reason is to keep the teeth in place so they do not become misaligned which can potentially cause problems with the jaw, affecting the patient’s natural chewing motion. Also, by keeping the teeth in place, the chewing motion will remain consistent, providing pressure which in turn maintains bone mass. When that pressure is lost, then the jawbone can begin to deteriorate. It needs constant pressure to stay healthy.

The Bridge Lifespan

Lasting from between five to fifteen years, bridges length of service can be greatly impacted by the patient’s care for them. Our office location is Excel Dental. Call us today to talk about the proper care that is needed with your bridges. Our number is (360) 369-3930.

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Dental bridges can be used to replace a single tooth or a series of teeth. Call Excel Dental today to schedule an appointment. Your new smile is just a phone call away!
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