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Dental Cleaning
Battleground, WA

Man receiving dental cleaning from dental hygienistDental cleanings are a vital part of any patient’s oral health practice. The American Dental Association recommends, at a minimum, two cleanings a year, regardless of the patient’s age. When these cleanings are done with regularity, they help to maintain a disease-free oral cavity. It also helps to maintain a high level of health for both the gums and teeth. When paired with daily brushing and flossing regiments, it can raise the level of overall dental health.

Many patients fail to realize that their oral health is directly linked to their medical health. If one breaks down, it adversely affects the other. When oral health suffers, the body can develop serious health problems which can include such things as heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and diabetes. Give us a call to schedule your next cleaning today. We’re always ready for you at Excel Dental.

How Important Are Cleanings?

Without question, those patients with a dedicated oral health routine have cleaner mouths but even they are not able to completely remove all of the bacteria and plaque. As the level of plaque and bacteria continue to build over time, infection and disease can ultimately start the devastating process of periodontal disease which can result in massive tooth decay and widespread tooth loss. This is why it is so valuable for patients to come in for cleanings. Our professional cleanings remove bacteria, plaque and tartar build up along the gumline and across the teeth. We will also polish teeth to remove any minor staining in the enamel.

Our staff will also make notes concerning any changes in the patient’s pathology. This includes looking for changes in soft tissue noting sores or swollen sections along the gums or discharge of any kind. While this may seem like overkill, it is important for patients to realize that every hour one person dies from oral cancer.

What Can I Expect During a Cleaning?

All patients should incorporate the bi-annual cleanings into their regiment of oral health care. At most it takes two hours out of their year, each cleaning takes from between thirty to sixty minutes at best. Our staff will examine the oral cavity, again making notes on any pre-existing conditions or new developments in the patient’s pathology. We will update your records for the next visit.

Using a scaler, our staff scrapes away bacteria, tartar and plaque both above and below the gumline. An abrasive toothpaste is employed to brighten tooth enamel and remove any stubborn stains. It should be noted that the American Dental Association has determined the use of the abrasive toothpaste by dental professionals if fine, but it should not be used by patients every day. It is too strong and will potentially damage teeth.

We also use fluoride to further strengthen teeth. X-rays are used to properly evaluate the existing bone structure in the patient's mouth. These are taken to mark the progression of any pre-existing conditions.

Any questions about dental cleanings can be directed to our office at Excel Dental. Give us a call today at (360) 369-3930 so we can get your cleaning scheduled and address any conditions warranted.

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Dental cleanings are an important part of any patient’s oral health practice. Give our expert staff at Excel Dental a call today to schedule your next cleaning!
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