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Dental Implant
Battleground, WA

Single tooth implant in row of teethDental implants have been an artificial tooth procedure for a long time. For those who are dealing with the late stages of periodontal disease or who have significant tooth decay problems, dental implants can provide an excellent solution. While not a quick procedure, dental implants can provide the solid foundation for any number of artificial tooth options. They can support partial and complete dentures, crowns, and dental bridges. Once finished, the dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. They can be taken care of just like natural teeth too and should be. Twice daily flossing and brushing is needed to extend the life of the implants and keep the supportive gum structure strong and disease free.

The dental implant restoration takes more than a single appointment. It is considered a minimally complicated dental procedure. One of the biggest benefits of having the implant procedure done is there are no diet restrictions like other restorative surgeries. Also, they are permanently secured to the patient’s jawbone so they will not slip out of place. We are here to answer all of your questions. Come in and talk with us, we are available at Excel Dental to help guide you through the process.

Dental Implant Components

Obviously, patients suffering from widespread tooth loss have a lot on their mind. Their anxiety and stress are through the roof. Teeth provide us with our smiles which is one of the ways we make a first impression. Dental implants can provide the peace of mind patients need. A permanent solution, the artificial teeth are secured to their jawbone and consist of three components.

While most patients know about some of the benefits dental implants can provide, they are likely unaware of what an implant is made of. It consists of three separate parts. The first part is embedded into the jawbone and known as the implant. It gives a foundation to the abutment which is the second component. The abutment provides the base for the third piece which is called the crown. It is the only section of the implant which can be seen above the gumline.

Placement Procedure

While there are two appointments to place the dental implants and they span more than a few months between, the end results are nothing short of amazing. Initially, at the first office visit, our staff will do an assessment, creating a treatment plan to be followed for the entire implant treatment.

Computer designed and computer manufactured, the artificial teeth will exactly fit the patient’s oral cavity. This is a big plus because they will not rub the soft tissue of the patient’s mouth raw because they do not fit correctly.

Patients dealing with tooth loss or who have periodontal disease should consider dental implants in their future. They are an excellent treatment option. Come in today for your evaluation so we can discuss all of the options relevant to your situation. We are always here at Excel Dental and look forward to treating you. Give us a call now at (360) 369-3930 for the answers to your questions and to schedule your initial appointment for the assessment.

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Patients dealing with tooth loss or who have periodontal disease should consider dental implants. Call Excel Dental today to learn more about this excellent treatment option!
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