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How Long Is Recovery Process For Implants
Battle Ground, WA

Image of a smiling woman before dental implant procedure, at Excel Dental in Battleground, WA. When it comes to the recovery period after dental implant placement, it all depends on the dental implant materials and the complexity of the dental implant restoration. At Excel Dental, our doctors Dr. Burke Jardine and Dr. Jardine will guide you through the process when getting dental implants ensuring a quick and safe recovery.

You'll need to stay away from specific foods and beverages as well as activities after dental implant surgery if you want your recuperation to go more quickly. Pay attention to the recommendations provided to you by your oral surgeon, including suggestions on how to reduce swelling and which medications to take. To ensure that your wound heals as quickly as possible, avoid disturbing it too much.

Dental Implant Recovery Timeline

Unfortunately, there may be some discomfort in the days that follow dental surgery. Expect some bruising, as well as facial and mouth swelling. Every patient's recovery process is unique. If there are no issues, it could just take a few days. Recovery might take a bit longer if you're unfortunate and run into problems, such as the need for a bone transplant, which is utilized when the jawbone is insufficiently strong to support the implant. According to research, 98% of dental implant surgeries are successful. Therefore, it should be worthwhile in any case. Many patients discover their implant may last a large number of years, possibly even a lifetime, with the right cleanliness and care.

Dental Implant Placement

Whether or not you require a bone transplant will determine how long the initial stage of the dental implant recuperation will take. If not, you can proceed directly to the procedure's core and the recuperation process. If this is the case, the recovery process will entail an additional step and take a little longer overall. A bone transplant involves grafting a portion of bone to the area of your jaw where the dental implant will be placed. Once you get a bone transplant, you must wait for your jawbone to recover before getting a dental implant. One to two weeks should suffice for most of the recovery.

You will need to wait many months for your jaw to fully recover, though. Your jaw should be in good condition to receive the implants within a few weeks. There may likely be some swelling and soreness in the region while you heal from a bone transplant, but these side effects are common, so you shouldn't be concerned.

Dental Implant Aftercare

Osseointegration is the major event you need to wait for. Waiting for your jawbone to develop around the dental post is involved. The dental implant won't shake or fall out, later on, thanks to this anchoring of the dental post in place. It might take some time, sometimes months, for the bone to develop around the post. The dental implant won't have a strong foundation if you don't allow it sufficient time before completing the remainder of it. Normally, the entire recovery period should be between three to four months.

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Dental Implant Recovery Process Length • Battleground, WA
At Excel Dental, our doctors Dr. Burke Jardine and Dr. Jardine will guide you through the process when getting dental implants ensuring a safe recovery!
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