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Inlays & Onlays
Battle Ground, WA

Smiling patient receiving exam with dental mirror, at Excel Dental in Battleground, WA. For any teeth affected by cavities or widespread tooth decay there are various restorative dental procedures available. While the most widespread form of cavity treatment remains fillings and most patients realize this, they do not realize that there are different types of fillings. Those suffering from cavities can benefit from either one, but they are recommended for various reasons.

There are considered two types of fillings. The first is called an inlay and the second an onlay. They have different applications and offer different methods to correct fillings. For the smaller variety cavity, those considered minor by dental professionals, the inlay type of filling is the best solution. However, in those situations in which the decay is widespread the only is the one best suited for the job. In order for damage to be considered extensive or considerable, it means it stretches past the tooth cusp and down toward the root. For either option, the decay and diseased section of tooth are removed before the inlay or onlay can be placed.

For those who need fillings taken care of, they should come to our office which is located at Excel Dental. We are always here to help answer your questions.

Lifespan of Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays have changed over time as newer materials have become available. For decades they were all made of gold which remains vastly superior in the durability department. Now, however, the most widely chosen material is porcelain.

This is because porcelain can be tinted to match the surrounding teeth structure and color. The lifespan of an inlay or onlay is dependent upon the care given and the material it is made from. Gold is still used and can strengthen decayed teeth by an astounding 75%. They have been known to last as long as thirty years.

In the evaluation appointment, we will assess the type and severity of damage which needs treatment and suggest the appropriate filling material. Those patients who have money issues can rest assured the best solution is porcelain. They still last a long time and remain a solid choice.

Are Crowns Better Than Inlays and Onlays?

Some people may think crowns are a better solution to filling a cavity and while there are some benefits to it, there are some negative aspects as well. They should only be considered when the damage is significant. For crown placements, even more of the healthy tooth will have to be removed in order to make room for the crown. The inlays and onlay filling procedures do not. Also, crowns are far more expensive than a filling procedure.

When Are Onlays and Inlays Necessary?

It does not matter how the damage to the tooth occurred, it only matters to get it repaired as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The inlay and onlay procedures can easily repair a tooth and restore its normal functionality. Inlays are better suited for minimal damage while the only is utilized when the damage is more significant.

Come to our office to find out more about the filling techniques. We are at Excel Dental and looking forward to working with you. Call us today at (360) 369-3930.

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For those who need fillings taken care of, they should come to our office which is located at Excel Dental. We are always here to help answer your questions.
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