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Root Canal
Battleground, WA

A model of teeth cleaning with titanium metal tooth pick instrumentNaturally, when people hear the term root canal, they shudder. They may be picturing archaic dental procedures, imagining the patient dealing with immense pain and discomfort. This is not the case. It is done in a pain-free environment where the patient is kept comfortable. Root canals are considered to be one of the more widely used dental procedures. They take two appointments and can stop any and all symptoms associated with the damaged tooth interior. Anyone suffering from extensive tooth pain should contact us at Excel Dental so we can provide you with a root canal today.

Procedure Specifics

One of the most important parts of the root canal is to completely eradicate the decayed tissue from around the teeth and remove not only the harmful tartar and plaque building up but also the infected tissue from the dentin and the pulp which are the deeper interior layers of the tooth. If not stopped, this infection can lead to extensive tooth loss.

Numbing the area with a local anesthesia, a dental dam is typically employed to help keep the surgical site both clean and also dry. This allows the procedure to be completed in a quick fashion. Our staff will use drills to expose the inside of the tooth where the infection will be professionally removed. This can include the dentin and pulp of the tooth. All of the infection and damaged tissue has to be removed prior to the procedure otherwise, decay may continue.

After this is completed, a substance is then forced into the cleaned-out interior of the tooth. At that time, a filling is put into place temporarily until a crown can be placed. This may take up to a few weeks and in some cases, other restorative measures will be taken to complete the procedure.

Recovery Time for Root Canal

Aftercare instructions are just as important as the procedure itself in preserving the tooth and keeping it strong while also preventing any further issues. The patient needs to continue to practice good brushing and flossing techniques which helps to keep the naturally occurring bacteria to a low level in the mouth. This prevents the bacteria from starting to attack the tooth again. Regular cleanings and exams need to be part of this regiment as well, and our professional staff can check the root canal and surrounding tooth structure to make sure no new infection has set in over time.

Saving the tooth with a root canal can be permanent as long as it is properly cared for. The root canal surgical procedure is much different than it was even thirty years ago. It is much less invasive and involved than it used to be, and recovery time is much quicker. Come see us today to find out more. We are at Excel Dental and available to discuss what a root canal procedure entails and what patients can expect. Call us today for a consultation or to schedule your appointment. Our number is (360) 369-3930. Stop worrying about getting a root canal and call to find out more about it. Call us to get your appointment and set up your root canal appointment today.

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Root canals are considered to be one of the most common dental procedures. Anyone suffering from extensive tooth pain should call us here at Excel Dental today!
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