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Teeth Whitening
Battleground, WA

All of us are guilty of it. When we get ready in the morning, we all look in the mirror. We take care of our hair and try to hide whatever blemishes we might discover. Also, we look at our teeth. We check to be sure there is no food caught between them to embarrass us. We also check our smiles. Sometimes, we might realize our teeth have become stained or dingy looking. If we smoke, drink coffee or tea, or eat certain fruits, our teeth can lose their natural brightness.

One of the easiest ways to brighten a dingy smile is with a whitening solution. Here at our offices, we can provide an analysis of your teeth and choose the appropriate whitening option so it will blend in with the rest of our face and not appear overly bright. Those patients in need of a brighter smile need to look no further. Come to our offices today to find out more. We are located here Excel Dental. Our office staff is looking forward to working with you toward a whitening procedure.

Concerns Over Whitening Treatments

Certainly, there are dozens of at-home whitening treatments. They are on commercials and social media ads every day. While they may be considerably less expensive than the type of whitening solution our office provides, they are also potentially damaging to the patient’s oral cavity. And while the chemicals can in fact be harsher than the ones we use professionally, the effects are not anywhere near as long-lasting. Our solution, which is closely monitored when applied, can last up to ten times longer than those of the over-the-counter option. Unlike the at-home methods, we closely monitor the application process to ensure that the oral cavity is not overexposed to the solution and it remains on the teeth rather than the soft tissue of the gum. This monitoring is not always possible during the at-home application.

Close up of smile after teeth whitening at Excel Dental in Battleground, WA

At Home Solutions vs. Professional Solutions

The one size fits all design of the at-home solutions should be alarming to most patients. The overuse or misuse of the whitening solution which can inflame tender gum tissue, the tongue, interior lining of the cheek and permanently damage the teeth themselves. This is also true for injuries sustained to the rest of the soft tissues in the mouth.

The home kits use a much weaker solution to whiten the teeth than our professional solutions. The carbamide peroxide content ranges from between 10 and 20% while our in-office solution has a 40% carbamide peroxide content. It should be noted that while at home kits continue to be big sellers, the American Dental Association has offered several warnings. One such warning suggested that when misused, the whitening solution from the over-the-counter kits can permanently damage the patient’s mouth.

Don’t take a chance of permanently damaging your teeth with an at-home solution when ours is longer lasting and much more safe for your teeth. Come to our office so we can talk about the whitening treatments, including dental veneers, we offer at Excel Dental. Give us a call for cosmetic dentistry at (360) 369-3930 in order to get your initial office visit scheduled.

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Patients in need of a brighter smile need to look no further than teeth whitening. Call Excel Dental right now to find out more and schedule your visit!
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